Translation Services

Verbatim Translation Services

Verbatim delivers timely translation services for every major language and dialect. All translation services are conducted only by skilled translators—never by machine or AI. Our team of linguists includes those with added expertise in different types of business, legal services, entertainment and related industries, so you quickly receive accurate translations of documents, contracts, written information as well as a wide range of print and online content. You can expect your translations to reflect cultural nuances, contain the correct terminology, and adhere to your industry’s standards.

Verbatim is know for translating:
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Business Contracts
  • Technical Specifications
  • Training Materials
  • Deposition Transcripts
  • Mediations and Arbitrations
  • Court Hearings and Trials
  • Legal Documentation
  • Legal Briefs
  • Articles
  • Website Content
  • White Papers

Our experience includes translating for:

  • Law Firms
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Entertainment Industry
  • General Business
  • Fortune 500
  • Professional Associations

When Words Matter, Call Verbatim at: 877.460.6410