Interpreter Services

Verbatim Interpreter Services

Verbatim offers consecutive or simultaneous interpreting for nearly every language and dialect.In addition to expertise in the dialect and cultural nuances of the target language, our experts are knowledgeable of specific fields of business and have experience interpreting across a broad array of scenarios.

Verbatim matches the specific skill sets of our expert interpreters to your distinct needs. This helps ensure you receive the most accurate interpreting with respect to the dialect, cultural nuances as well as subject matter under discussion. It also helps keep the exchange of information flowing with greater ease.

Verbatim language professionals have in-depth experience interpreting for:
  • Arbitrations
  • Depositions
  • Mediations
  • Court Proceedings
  • Trials
  • Business Meetings
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Training Sessions and Seminars
  • Conference Calls
  • Conventions, Trade Shows and Tours
  • Media Events
  • Speeches
  • Entertainment Events and Award Shows
  • Interviews and Client Consultations
  • Independent Medical Examinations
The Verbatim team regularly provide interpreting for:
  • Law firms and corporate legal departments​
  • Insurance companies
  • Entertainment industry​
  • Fortune 500 companies
The Verbatim team includes state and federal certified court interpreters for every major language for which certifications are available.  We help ensure that all interpreting services and translations provided are admissible as evidence in the applicable court by only sending linguistics certified by that court as is required.
You’ll find that Verbatim interpreters are highly trained experts who conduct themselves in an obtrusive manner and with propriety, enabling you to focus with confidence on the content and context of the information being exchanged. From any language to any language, you will not miss a word.

Remote Video Interpreting Services

Need interpreting services in a remote area? Last minute? For someone who is bedridden? VerbatimVideo brings an interpreter to wherever needed, enabling you to converse face-to-face safely and securely with those who speak a different language–regardless of your location.
VerbatimVideo combines an intuitive, user-friendly video interface with the latest in cloud-based security. Communications are established using 256-bit TLS encryption, and all shared content is encrypted using AES-256 encryption to protect your privacy.  All that is needed is high-speed Internet access and web-cam enabled device. Just a click on your secure link joins you and your interpreter with clients, deponents or subject matter experts who speak a different language. Your interpreter can be located with you, with whom you are speaking, as well as connect from a separate location. Others may join your VerbatimVideo session to participate or simply observe.
With VerbatimVideo, you can order a video recording of your interpreter sessions, enabling you to go beyond the spoken word to capture facial and physical expressions as well as body language.

VerbatimVideo is perfect for insurance companies wanting to evaluate the creditbility of a witness as well as large companies, businesses and marketing firms conducting interviews or research. For depositions and other legal proceedings, VerbatimVideo enables you to see and read the testimony as it is being interpreted when a realtime reporter is used for taking the record.

When Words Matter, Call Verbatim at: 877.460.6410