Verbatim Language Solutions

Verbatim Language Solutions is a premier provider of interpreter, translation and transcription services that is backed by more than 45 years of coordinating professional services for the legal community and related businesses.
Verbatim language experts are committed to interpreting and translating the target languages accurately, within the context and flow of communication. All of our language professionals are sworn to uphold a strict code of ethics that includes both confidentiality and impartiality. With Verbatim, you can expect expert language professionals who conduct themselves with propriety and with respect for the native dialect and customs.

The Qualified Team You Need

Verbatim’s team of interpreters, translators and transcribers includes credentialed language experts who hold advanced degrees or have completed recognized language programs. They average more than 25 years of experience, serving in a multitude of scenarios—from meetings, conferences and marketing efforts to legal proceedings.

As members of professional organizations related to their language and industry expertise, they constantly engage in learning the new industry terms while keeping current with the trending vernacular and cultural nuances of the language and dialect for which they specialize. This enables Verbatim language experts to more accurately convey and exchange information between languages and with those unfamiliar with your business or industry.

The Verbatim Team Consists of:
  • Certified and/or Registered State Court Interpreters
  • Certified and/or Registered U.S. Federal Court Interpreters
  • ATA Certified Translators
Verbatim Team Members Hold Degrees from:
  • UCLA Extension Legal Interpretation Courses
  • New Bridge International College, Los Angeles
  • Yonsei University, Dept. of Korean Language & Literature
  • University of Damascus, Syria B.A., English Literature
  • Masters in the field of interpreting and translation
The Verbatim Team Includes Members of:
  • Fortune 500 Simultaneous Conference Interpreters
  • USDOS & USDOD Contracted Simultaneous Interpreters
  • International Association of Forensic Linguists (IAFL)

When and Where Needed

Verbatim puts a highly diverse team of certified linguists for nearly every language and dialect at your disposal–whether onsite, by phone or by our remote VerbatimVideo technology. We can coordinate the precise language expertise you need nearly anywhere in the world from our headquarters in Los Angeles or any of our office across the U.S. and abroad:
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • Irvine
  • San Diego
  • London, England
  • Paris, France
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai, UAE

With the Quality Assurance

Verbatim linguists are required to have the proper certification and/or degree, hold the appropriate credentials, and participate in ongoing training as members of related professional associations. In addition, we require a minimum of three professional recommendations. Verbatim also solicits feedback to ensure ongoing client satisfaction.

Verbatim further helps ensure consistent high-quality interpreting, translating and transcribing services by properly compensating our certified language professionals according to their level of expertise, experience and client satisfaction.

When Words Matter, Call Verbatim at: 877.460.6410